ONE on ONE Kyle Anderson – Senior Accessories Editor at ELLE Magazine

Metrovelvet’s fashion editor Jhon Santos had the opportunity to interview Kyle AndersonELLE Magazine Senior Accessories Editor, and for those who still don’t know about him, his the person behind all the hip, chic, glamorous, classy and edgy, avant-garde accessories-trend reports & layouts, you should check this interview because his giving us all the details from his daily itinerary of work, to his style advice’s.

Jhon Jairo: Hi Kyle how are you?

Kyle Anderson: Feeling sexy as usual.

JJ: Kyle tell us where are you from and how old are you ?

KA: I was born in Sweden and I grew up in Chicago, I’m 30!

JJ: How’s a day in the life of Kyle Anderson?

KA: Usually I wake up at 6:15, I get ready and start to go out to my appointments with designers and press people to see the new accessories collections, around 8:30 am, I usually do appointments until around lunchtime. Then I go back to the office and get my lunch and spend the rest of the afternoon planning our stories and editing accessories until around 6:30, usually I have cocktails with designers, press people or dinners soon after that.

Almost every night there is an event or party, I usually go to a club with my friends TuesdaysThursdays and Friday nights, then I come home around 3am and start all over at 6.

JJ: Two words to describe yourself ?

KA: I like to say I’m borderline Shy/Wild, sometimes totally crazy boy and sometimes shy and conservative,It kind of describes my parents who are opposites.

JJ: What’s fashion for you ?

KAFashion is like everyone always says, a way to “express yourself“, everyone is an animal. You use the clothes, hair and makeup to transform yourself into rocker, punk, preppy or classic, to make the world think you are a specific type.

JJ: Who encourage yourself through life for you to be interested in fashion?

KA: Well, my best friends, my mom really made me interested in fashion, we spent a lot of time shopping growing up. Nina Garcia our former fashion director was probably my biggest supporter in my life and has given me many many opportunities in my career.

JJ: Can you tell us how you started in the fashion industry ?

KA: I was an intern at EsquireCosmoGIRLMarie ClaireVogue and ELLE, I started doing freelance work at Vanity FairCosmopolitan and then ELLE, then After 3 years of all of this, I finally got hired as the accessories assistant at ELLE, this was 6 years ago and I’ve been here since.

JJ: How is it feel to be the Senior Accessories Editor at ELLE magazine?

KA: Everything has it’s ups and downs, off course it’s something I’m really proud of and it means one of the biggest dreams that my life has been fulfilled. I’m so lucky, but at the same time it’s difficult to have any personal life outside of fashion or to take any kind of vacation, so there are ups and downs. I’ve had so many amazing opportunites that I never thought growing up in the countryside we’re ever possible.

JJ: Two words to describe your work?

KA: It’s a combination of stress and passion.

JJ: Any favorite fashion icons?

KA: Yes sure, for me Madonna in many ways and in all of her different music videos, I just watched some of her videos yesterday on youtube when I was running 6 miles at the gym, It was a long run and I saw all of her best videos, I think within those videos there are a million trends and a million fashion shoot inspirations waiting to happen.

JJ: Name 5-top favorite designers?

KAGivenchy by Ricardo TisciBalmain by Christophe DecarninAlexander WangGiuseppe ZanottiGianvito Rossi.

JJ: Favorite Jewelry designers?

KA: My favorite watches are Rolex or Piaget, for jewerly I like Hermès and fine jewelry, Cartier.

JJ: Tell us a little bit more about you personal style?

I’m pretty much a cross between military and rock-n-roll, I love Balmain Homme collections or Givenchy Homme, they are very expensive but looks casual, most people can’t or don’t buy them, they’re special. But still comfortable, I’m kind of obsessed with Balmain and everyone knows I talk about balmain all day, but now without Christophe Decarnin I don’t know what the future will hold for the next season, maybe it’s not my favorite without him…

JJ: The style advice you can give someone?

KA: You should try to think about who you want to be and make a mood board, we do this for our photoshoots, but you can do this for your life, Put it next to your closet, when you wake up early in the mornings and don’t know who you really want to portrait or what you feel is your style look at the pics, get inspired and channel the style of your favorite icons or runway images that make you feel great, buy expensive accessories and wear them all the time, a Chanel bag, a Rolex watch and wear them everyday, you don’t need 30 handbags just buy 2 and wear them until they fall apart, a Hermès bag or Chanel bag will be in-style, and always will be the “it bag” for ever, also a classic Rolex never gets old the same with a black patent Christian Louboutin pump or Tiffany diamond stud earrings.

JJ: As accessories editor, which are your picks for this upcoming pre-fall?

KA: For us pre-fall is so old, it seems like hundred years ago. We are already seeing resort 2012, but for fall we will have for sure metallics, sparkle, metallic leathers, fur, glitter and sequins everywhere, for day and night. Check Alexander Wang shoes and bags from the runway, Versus heels are as well included, everyone has such styles, every designer has done really inventive things once again with Shoes, bags, clothes even jewelry like Proenza Schouler or Alexander Wang fur shoes, just Gorgeous.

JJ: The advice that Kyle Anderson gives to all the young people that wants to work on the fashion industry ?

KA: Work hard and never give up, people say this but it’s true. Everyone told me no a million times, It takes only one person to believe in you, not 10, 30 or 100, just 1. Do your best and there is a plan for you, you will find your way even if it’s not easy.

Metrovelvet feels honored to have this special interview with Kyle Anderson, he is the perfect example of endeavor hard work, he is one of the new talents to watch in the fashion publishing industry.

His years of work and experience have build for him a long road, he has achieved many things in the industry which is the result of his consistent work , stay tune for more of Kyle’s work at ELLE magazine or you can check also his tumblr for latest notes and pictures of his work, and remember never give up your dreams, keep in mind that in order to be successful you have to fight till the end.

Photos courtesy of ELLE Magazine and Kyle Anderson.

Jhon Jairo Santos

Fashion Director USA