Beauty & Hair at Carlos Campos SS2014

It wasn’t difficult for Carlos Campos hair-and-beauty team to achieve the ideal look for his timeless and athletic soccer inspired collection; they easily understood and knew how to highlight the qualities and features from the diversity of male models that were chosen as the Spring/Summer 2014 cast.

To integrate with Campos concept, hair stylist Cesar Ramirez presented a uniformity look that translated as classic and sleek to the audience. To achieve the hairstyle, as first step, Ramirez cleaned the models hair to eliminate any other product that, if by any chance, had been previously applied. Second, while the hair still moisturized with water, he applied N°11 Universal Instant Grip Glue Gel from Davines hair products (which offers a long-lasting effect); then he carefully parted the hair on the left side, and combed it to define the lustrous style. He finished the look applying Glam Power Hair Spray from Davines, which helped to set a durable hold and glossy finish.

On the other hand, make-up artist Karlo from M.A.C Cosmetics, mentioned that it was imperative to maintain the masculinity from the boys, while conserving the healthy look from their skin. As first step to achieve the look: Karlo cleaned the skin and applied moisturizer to optimize a natural glow. Furthermore, by using products from M.A.C Cosmetics, he proceed to highlight the forehead and cheeks depending on the different skin-tones and face structures. “Basically, the boys needed to look as if they were feeling the rush from a soccer game. The main goal was to make them look as the stars of a soccer-team, while presenting a very radiant tone from their skin. Not forced, nor overdone. Just natural.” Said Karlo about his, and Campos idea for the show.

Jhon Jairo Santos

Fashion Director USA

J.C. Parra