Backstage at Custo Barcelona S/S2015

Walking backstage to the Custo Barcelona fashion show was exactly what one would expect, MADNESS!  Think of a busy New York City intersection, now transport that image into a room ¼ the size of that intersection… Exactly! 

So much hustle and bustle all around me, models in street clothes (very fashionable I must say) were all lined up with their hair done getting ready to rehearse their walk. It was interesting to be backstage and see the models in their actual form, in high top sneakers, backward caps, bandeau tops or flats. Anyways, diving back into the hectic backstage world, Latina magazine is interviewing some reality star and a flock of photographers come from some magical gust of wind and bombard her, so I squeeze out of that crowd and head to the clothing racks where the looks are all set up for the models. I touch fabrics, look at the details, and admire the color palette. The collection is filled with effervescent colors, bold prints, and geometric cutouts allowing the seductive side of women to show through. For the menswear, it is very casual chic, a relaxed fitted collection composed of linen, light knits, and sweats with appliqués. As I am taking a few steps back to admire a pair of square heeled booties -- THUMP! I bump into the one and only photographer Nigel Barker. After apologizing countless times, I make my way to the hair and makeup section of the room. 

The scent of hairspray fills my nostrils, and the sounds of blow dryers fill my ear canals, as I try to look for the lead hair stylist. After asking around, I am pointed in the direction of a tall red-bearded man named Duffy. Duffy for Oribe Hair care creates what he calls “anti-hair” which is styling the hair to give the models no identity; hair is put in a ponytail, and held down by product. Duffy wants the clothes to speak for itself, he wants the spectators to envision themselves in the clothes.  Before the models walk the runway, he has his team cut the bands that were holding the ponytails together, just to add a light kink to the utilitarian hairstyle. The make- up done by Maybelline follows the same idea as the hair, it is very natural, light, and clean. Overall, being backstage for Custo Barcelona is an experience in itself, but being able to sit and watch the craziness backstage turn into a flawless and well executed show reminds one of the beauty of Mercedes- Benz Fashion Week. 

By Christopher Garces.
Photos by J.C. Parra

Custo Barcelona
Date: September 6th - 2015 
Venue: Salon
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week