KTZ F/W 2015

Marjan Pejoski made a statement with his monochrome and grey colored A/W 2015 collection; pixilated images of Lenin, Mao, and Marx were put on bomber jackets, double breasted topcoats, and blazers along with strong quotes (Violence, Last Game, The World to Come, and Innocence.) Those pieces made up the first looks of the collection and had a Soviet Union general vibe, it set the mood for the entire show:  sinister with a pinch of dystopia.  The accessories of choice were chin guards, chunky rubber boots, gloves, suspenders, and bowler hats; used to create a KTZ army of men. 

Prison striped looks were followed by acid wash looks made to mimic military camouflage. Soviet Army-like jumpsuits and overalls came in snow white, black, and in a Rubik’s colored mosaic. The primary colored mosaic also doused a blouson, parka, jumpsuit, and bomber jacket. Kente cloth print was combined with animal skeleton prints to create a scary yet wearable work of art, used on his Inuit Eskimo attire; consisting of fur hooded jackets, fur covered pants, oversized parkas, joggers, and supersized coats.

 Pejoski presented his army to us, a collection of men who are not afraid to be bold and take chances. 

WANTED: Men who want to show their bad boy side in style. 

By Christopher Garces.