Cadillac Capsule Collection Launch

Curating menswear collections is Nickelson Wooster métier. The style maverick and menswear/business expert, 

who\'s been propelling the aesthetic of menswear firms for long as we can remember, partnered with Cadillac in a project that recreates, on every aspect, the style of today\'s men. With outstanding response, Cadillac has become the official sponsors of New York Fashion Week: Men\'s, and have also joined other projects (like this one) with the purpose of supporting a conglomerate of menswear designers. In the Cadillac Capsule Collection line-up we found J. Lindeberg, Plac, David Hart, Timo Weiland, Ernest Alexander, Mark McNairy, Cadet, Carlos Campos and Gents as the group of firms and designers that eagerly participated on this project. 

Bringing Wooster to take the lead in the picture was an accurate decision - the man has a keen eye for trends, detail, and a way of fomenting a conversation between mens and clothes. On the other end, Cadillac does the same thing but at a much bigger scale, with different approach. All in all, the idea is to present these group of designers to a broader audience, and help them ride through the waves of economy and sales. 

There aren\'t many firms who can embody the meanings of style and masculinity like Cadillac does. And certainly, three parties with the same interest only equals to a long-lasting relationship - great marriage!

By Jhon Jairo Santos

Photos by J.C. Parra