CFDA meets Barbie during New York Fashion Week S/S 2015

Barbie, we have all played with her and even with Ken. Our imaginations have gone wild with her, from making her into an astronaut, to a designer, to even a princess … sometimes she was all three in one day, how? Because she was Barbie, the wonder woman of children; I say children because I , being a guy played with Barbie just like I know some of you did as well. Now, a little history behind this multitasking career woman, she was born during the golden age of American post – World War II; to be specific March 9, 1959 by Ruth Handler. Her price was $3, a modest sum even then. A handful of outfits was displayed, costing between $1-$3. Many Toy Fair buyers gave this new doll the cold shoulder, but by the summer of that same year the demand was a lot higher than supply. 

It has been over 50 years and Barbie, not only the company but the doll itself has become a part of every child’s life. When kids ask for a doll, they do not ask “Can I have a doll?” they ask “Can I have a Barbie doll?” Her name is infused into the American vocabulary and we are not mad at that, at least I am not and neither is the CFDA. During this Spring/Summer  2015 New York Fashion Week, the CFDA and Barbie partnered up for the Barbie x CFDA party in the Meatpacking District to celebrate designs by Cynthia Vincent, Charlotte Ronson, Whit, Rebecca Taylor, and Tess Giberson for Barbie. The event also celebrated an app that will allow Barbie fans to become their own designers. They will be able to design clothes for Barbie and have them print on special fabrics coming out this fall. 

The iconic doll and clothing were all showcased in a pink tent, with crisp white furniture, and glam chic chandeliers, I mean would we expect anything less from this girly girl? Barbie will continue to make an impact on the lives of children all over the world.  All children have someone they admire, and sometimes that someone is the beautiful, talented, well cultured, successful astraunaut/ paleontologist/ NASCAR driver/ model named …Barbie.  

By Christopher Garces

Photos by Alex Margary