G-Star Raw + Pharrell: Parley

It is easy to see how far textile-techonolgy has evolve over the past two decades. Such improvements and discoveries have been made, that now you can make textiles out of everything that surrounds you -  literally, pretty much out of everything. The good thing about it, is that designers and brands can help the environment by producing clothes with organic fabrics, or with elements that are causing side effects on our natural living surroundings. "Raw for the Oceans," a project born from G-Star Raw, Bionic, Parley and in collaboration with Pharrell Williams, consists in creating denim textile out of plastic bottles found on the ocean - call it resourceful and environmental friendly.

 "We pioneered the world's first high performance eco-yarn," said Tyson Toussant, Founder of Bionic Yarn. The process consists in disintegrating the plastic bottles in little pieces that later are treated by Bionic to create yarns for the use of knitting denim textile. The project envisions to avoid the pollution of the oceans, and innovate denim apparel. Within Pharrell's conscious fashion taste, the curated collection debuted during this week at New York fashion week, offers relaxed denim pieces like jackets, sweaters, shorts and other basic pieces that feature a playful print with octopuses that represent the project's logo.

By Jhon Jairo Santos
Fashion Director

Photos by J.C. Parra