W.R.K. S/S2015 New York Fashion Week

Work. Rest. Karma  (W.R.K) says "our job is to create clothes with expert, durable craftmanship and to make sure that you look good in them" that is exactly what they accomplished with their collection this season. Every season the brand is inspired by different occupations, and this year it was the Formula 1 race car drivers. This is an occupation that requires durable clothing made from breathable mobility-allowing fabrics but, we must not forget these race car drivers wear other hats: they have to train, and attend social events. Well, Michael Gottardi has got you covered with this collection, from a work out sweat to a vibrant blue monochromatic suit, he made sure all aspects of the everyday man are covered. 

You can really see the inspiration of the sport in this collection, prints resembling garage oil stains, tire marks, and even race flags fill the stage using a neutral base palette. The palette for the clothing is great, it is a palette much needed in our closet for upcoming seasons. The fabrics used are light, breathable, and stretchable, all key ingredients when it comes to Spring/Summer. However, all clothing needs durability, no one wants to buy something that will not last the entire season. Thankfully, this is the least of your worries with this collection, the reinforced stitching, seams, and patches allow you to wear these items for many seasons to come which is exactly what Michael Gottardi envisioned for his brand. 

The sports traditional base is Europe and these racers are the fastest race car drivers known, their lives are at risk daily. So how do you turn this dangerous sport into inspiration for menswear? Easy! Aside from endangering their lives, these men wear many hats, from training for work, to attending social events, they are always on the go.

By Christopher Garces.
Photos by J.C. Parra