DUCKIE BROWN S/S2015 New York Fashion Week

For the first time, it seemed that Steven Cox and Daniel Silver were not in the continuation-story mindset they been throughout the past seasons. Instead, this time, an unpredictable feel made the trick for their Duckie Brown Spring 2015 collection. The duo revisited some of their favorite silhouettes, not necessarily the ones they have designed recently, but more of the ones we've seen from them in the past. And with all of that being said, their appetizing color palette was definitely a winner in the delivery of this collection. A throwback to the 90's had both designers thinking about a clash between the decade and Mancunian style. Apparently, Cox and Silver have been sipping from the same kool-aid that other designers have already tasted this 2014. But leave it to the Duckies to present a puzzle of ideas from opposite poles that somehow blend together. After all, unconventionally menswear is what they like to do.

Everything started with basic pieces, and within those, they found a middle ground to meet the slouch, boxy, and baggy shapes their aesthetic is very known for. On good notes, a few pieces looked new for the language of the duo, like the high-waist, curved seam trousers with elongated zipper closure and slim fit. There's, throughout, a wide variety and cohesive range of pieces that will likely represent a fresh start-up to expand the duo's market reach. Their crisp, white poplin shirts, with different cuts and proportions, allowed their preoccupation for minimalism to be clearly expounded. During the past two seasons a restraining order was noticeable on the graphic-pattern territory, this time, however, it became a strong focus on the collection. Different versions of checks and plaids, against camel, pale pink and grey canvases, served as a dialogue to tight in the entire story. 

In comparison with the past seasons, this Spring collection seems a safe ground for the duo, but it is good when once in a while designers keep themselves grounded on the design subject. You might still wonder where the sarcastic and contradictory Duckie Brown touch was to be found between these looks? Well, that wasn't dismissed at all. A pair of long shorts and a Harrington jacket, designed in a shiny blue lame-herringbone textile, depicts their way to keep pushing the boundaries of menswear in America. Anyhow, this wearable repertory will do a lot for them.
By Jhon Jairo Santos
Fashion Director
Photos by J.C. Parra