2(X)ist Spring Summer 2015 Runway show

When I learned we would be covering the 2(x)ist show I was super excited, I am a loyal customer and a fan of the brand because of their focus on comfort and quality without compromising sex appeal. As of recently the brand has been transitioning and creating a lifestyle for the man they design for. It is no longer JUST about underwear, now it is about terry zip ups, harem pants, neoprene jackets, and bags. It is about taking that man that wears 2(x)ist underwear and designing for his lifestyle… he is active, perhaps does yoga or runs on the beach, loves to lounge around the house without compromising on style, and needs pieces that are breathable, durable, and versatile. 

Backstage I walked up to the clothing racks and felt the fabrics the garments were made of. I wanted to get my own vibe of the clothing before I interviewed Jason. The clothing was bold and vivid (tropical prints and colors) made from light and breathable fabrics. Many of the looks involved layering, which gave the clothes versatility – a short sleeve crew-neck in neon yellow layered under a white heather sweatshirt added a pop of color but could keep you fresh while you go hard at the gym. For someone who doesn’t follow trends, Scarlatti hit the nail on the head with his drop crotch pants; neoprene jacket, mesh racerback tank, and floral print swim shorts. The vibe was definitely tropical: bright orange, Caribbean blue, strawberry red and other dazzling sunset colors graced the models as: floral, sunset, or marble print swim shorts, swim briefs, and racerback tanks. Vivid colored Trainer tech shorts and PRO crew-necks were styled with Terry zip-up hoodies and cropped pants in different shades of heather grey or black. To finish off the looks were the brand new 2(x)ist bags in the form of totes, backpacks, duffels and messenger bags in cool colors like cobalt, silver, black, or the oh-so versatile waxed canvas.   These are the things that separate this brand from its competitors, and have pushed the brand forward.  Once I did my walk through I was ready to interview Jason…  here is what he had to say about the new 2(x)ist.

Chris Garces :  Thank you so much Jason for having us.

Jason Scarlatti:  Hi! No, Thank you.

CG: So what are we going to be seeing this upcoming season for 2(x)ist?

JS:  You are really going to be seeing lifestyle, we are really known for our underwear but we’ve expanded in the last year into athleisure, activewear, and swimwear. So we are really growing the brand to be a lifestyle brand. We are dipping our toes in accessories, so you’ll be seeing some new 2(x)ist bags that will be on the market in the next year. It is about how to be an original in your own lifestyle; how to create your own 2(x)ist lifestyle other than just underwear which we have been known for In the past. 

CG: Last year your 2014 show was very modern architectural and very linear designs, is that something we will be seeing in this collection?

JS:  Yeah modern and linear is definitely a staple in the 2(x)ist brand, however for spring 2015 we are introducing really bright tropical colors and patterns. We have this great horizon graphic you’ll see, like a photo real that we have incorporated in our underwear and in our activewear. With the introduction of athleisure and activewear we have some really sexy drawstring pants and drop crotch and cargo pockets. Always modern and linear but with some fun with color and fabrication

CG: So what separates you in terms of fabrics from other brands that are out there offering almost the same thing?

JS: We always try and look at fabrics that are going to benefit the person who is wearing it, not what is cool or trendy. All of our fabrications are custom designed to work with your body, whether you are working out or you want comfort and leisure. We have high quality fabrication, even our waist bands are microfiber, so we pay attention to every detail; and then most of all fit. I think our competitors use performance fabrications but we pay attention to fitting and how the pouch contours. It has to be a balance of everything, not just cool fabric ya know? Did that answer your question? (laughs).

CG: (while laughing) Yes it did actually! That is exactly what I was looking for. So how do try and keep up with trends on the runways, and how is that translated into your collections?

JS:  I don’t really look at trends and what’s on the market. I don’t really look at designers per say because I’m not inspired by that, I’m really inspired by who our customer is and what his life is and what he is doing in his life. I think about what he is doing in his day or maybe where he is, so if he is in a tropical hotel, it’s his lifestyle that really inspires me,  instead of looking at other designers and other concepts. 

CG: So who is the man you design for? 

JS:  The man who wants to be a complete original, and owns being healthy and kind of comfortable in mind body and spirit, I like a full rounded person. I think Andre is the muse, he is the face of our brand right now, he is a beautiful person inside and clearly out. I think it’s a well established well rounded individual and being an original.

CG: Awesome, well thank you so much for having us once again.

JS: Thank you, that was fun!

By Christopher Garces.

Photos courtesy Janice Yim / Getty