JI OH S/S 2015 New York Fashion Week

 Ji Oh may not be a household name quite yet. But she is on her way. And if you have not heard of her yet, then I will pause so you can thank me now ....(pause) .... You are welcome! All jokes aside, Oh is on her way to the top, the New York based designer made an impact with her first F/W 2014 collection. She left us wanting more of her minimalistic and androgynous designs, and when her Resort '15 collection came out, it was no surprise luxury department store, Barney's picked up her designs. The Parson's graduate started off as a fashion assistant before deciding to launch her collection. Thank you Ji Oh for taking that chance, especially after falling in love with her new Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Inspired by Glamboy Rock Legends, the collection is filled with suits in bright strawberry red, pale blue and white. Other wearable separates were a top and pant set in silver silk, and creme top with matching trousers. We wanted to know more about this collection, so we asked her a few questions.

It is a pleasure to meet you Ji Oh, I must say your resort collection was beautiful, and I am excited for this collection.

Hi, it is really nice to meet you Chris. Yes, yes. Im excited too... this collection is one that grabs attention but doesn't seek attention. 

Your color range is limited, but the pieces are beautifully tailored and rich in texture, can you tell us a little more about your vision for this season? 

Yes, it has a lot of individuality, it is simple and quiet but it also makes a statement with its structure. It is very day to night wear, it has a lot of that uniform feel with a menswear cut. I really believe in menswear. With this collection, I was inspired by Glam-Boy, not the literal looks from it, but the attitude and the philosophy about it. The collection is attention drawing but not attention seeking. I have a lot of tunnel suits, striped suits, pieces with different cuts exposing part of the body. The clothing also has a more mature feel, a lot of silk, creme, nude, and black.

Can you describe the girl you are designing for with this collection?

Yeah, it is the girl that is comfortable and confident with herself. The girl who is okay with not wearing heels, who wants to be more effortless yet comfortable in my clothes and her own skin.

Does your Korean background have any influence on your design aesthetic?

The way I was raised and the country I am from has definitely influenced me as a person. But, it has not translated in a literal way to my clothes. My collections, especially my Spring/Summer are   very practical, which is very Asian, we are practical people. Koreans also dress very sporty, so in that way yes, you can say there is a bit of influence

So are there any designers you look up to, or you feel influenced you? 

As a designer, I respect all designers and their collections and it is interesting to see how their inspiration is translated into their collection. I also really appreciate those designers who make me want to get in their head, like Nicolas Ghesquiére, Ricardo Tozzi, and Albert Elba. But if I really could, I would open up Nicolas Ghesquiére's head, I think he is an amazing designer. He has great craftmanship and I respect when you see the true mentality in their craftsmanship.

By Christopher Garces.
Photos by Alex Margary