The collection this year for Parkchoonmoo was very limited in color:  white, black, and dark brown dominated. That is not to say the designs were boring or lacking, on the contrary!  The collection, while being mostly monochromatic, had an abundance of texture and structure and grasped our attention for the entire show. 

Although there was layering going on in some of the looks, they never felt or looked heavy. In fact, those looks moved quite beautifully down the runway as if a fan were in front of the models. The fabrics used were light weight, breathable, and allowed some movement, key ingredients one looks for in pieces during Spring/ Summer.  The variety of textures featured in her modern designs went from sheer organza to heavy leather. 

Each look was different from the last, which was what kept your eyes glued to the models. Her balance of feminine draping and sporty architecturally designed clothes was perfected this season. Park’s use of nylon, organza and leather to create just one piece of clothing gave it depth and beauty. She paired somewhat heavy wearable’s with lightweight jackets or tops, perfecting the look for a nice walk on the park on a breezy spring day. 

Individually or in a complete look, the garments are fresh crisp and sporty, right on trend with what has been on the runways this season.  The collection is catered to those who don’t necessarily wear color in the spring, as well as those rainy and breezy days during the season.  Let’s not forget, spring is not all fun in the sun, those brisk dewy days happen. No worries,  designer  Demi Park has got you covered. 

By Christopher Garces.
Photos by J.C. Parra