GIVENCHY SPRING SUMMER 2015 Paris Fashion Week

So we all know Riccardo Tisci and the fixation he had on the sweatshirt, he converted it into an enticing article of clothing for every fashionista/ fashionisto. He has created stunning collections inspired by the streetwear wave; something that has inspired many designers and fashion houses for a few seasons now, however, we were missing the Ricardo Tisci we have grown to love, the one who creates sex appeal and entices his viewers through his sultry designs. Well, if you have not seen the pictures for the spring collection, then I am ecstatic to say… HE IS BACK! 

This season the fashion house created their Sasha Fierce, a term used in the past by Beyonce’ to describe her sexy, fierce, and enticing alter-ego. Since the beginning of his career he has tried various times to create this Givenchywoman, well this season he dived into the archives “I’m going back to what I was doing in the beginning, 10 years ago at Givenchy when I arrived” he told and has finally created her; let me tell you ... She is fiery and seductive. This Givenchy woman does not believe in flats, she struts the streets in provocative black; laced in a corset, form fitting jeans and thigh-high open-toe boots.

Inspired by the graphics in Flipper, an old computer pinball game and Tyrolean dresses, he crafted a mostly black and white collection filled with corset dresses that flared into short lace skirts, completed with thigh-high boots almost grazing the hem; it harnessed the sexy seductress side of women. Roman gladiator dresses in studded leather backed with lace brought out the inner warrior every woman has but hides because of social norms.  Black-and-white Tyrolean embroidered and graphic stripped latticed jackets and coats were laced at every seam, and reminded us of the fierce beauty in the women silhouette. Black-and-white blouson dresses were belted at the waist and fringed tinsel sweaters with giant medallions nestled at their chests sashayed with bold intensity, reaffirming that this in fact was the sexiest collection of the season. 

Riccardo Tisci didn’t just create clothing for an upcoming season; he created clothing for the women that already exist. For centuries women have been portrayed as seductive beings, who with one look could hypnotize any man. And this collection reminds us all, women included about the inner seductive beast that lies within women. Something we have all forgotten to some extent, especially with all the oversized and menswear inspired designs filling the runways. Givenchy now holds the collection that will allow any woman to express her inner Sasha Fierce, all it takes is a bit of guts. Do you have what it takes? Riccardo Tisci believes you do. 

By Christopher Garces.

Photos courtesy