LIBERTINE S/S 2015 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Claudia’s jaw would have been on the floor as she watched this season’s collection by Libertine, right? … Oh, I’m sorry; you have no idea who I am talking about. Let us go back to the book series The Baby Sitters Club â€“ ring any bells yet?  Anyways, Claudia was a Japanese American who babysat, but her stand out quality in the series was her quirky- chic fashion sense; a girl who DIY-ed her chunky jewelry, who loved bold print, vibrant colors, and funky patterns. “I think clothes make a statement about the person inside them. Since you have to get dressed every day, why not make it fun." She said on the BSC homepage, and Libertine made it fun alright! Look after look bright patterns and prints, vibrant furs, explosive embellishments ranging from pom-poms to beading and DIY-ed jewelry, reminded you of the bold hip fashionable character Claudia.  

The show opened up with a black chiffon dress, embellished with some intricate colorful beading down the middle. On her face she donned wayfarers covered in beads; which seemed to have come from Claudia’s own closet; brush stroked stockings (Claudia would have died over) gave way to the customized Jean Michael Cazabat heels. The second look walked out, a vibrant striped fur boxy jacket called for attention as it strutted the runway. 60’s mod was visible throughout the collection; very apparent in the oversized jacket over pants in a geometric black and white polka dot pattern. The chunky bangles, multicolored beaded necklaces with Libertine written on them, skulls, and quirky nail art were very Claudia-esque in style, and worked in unison with the effervescent designs. Other stand out looks included a black pom-pom filled sweater (for men and women), a colorful patchwork fur jacket, and a multicolored studded and graffiti filled leather jacket, and an emerald green fully sequined track suit. The accessories: bags, hosiery, and shoes were customized or done in collaboration with other designers.

Closing the show, all the models walked out together, phone in hand taking selfie’s of each other and of the audience. They jumped, skipped, and danced with the designer heading the caboose. A finale Claudia would have partaken in had she been a guest at this rave turned fashion show.  

By Christopher Garces.
Photos by J.C. Parra