A new chapter is about to develop at Rolando Santana. New improvements have been made within the structure of his namesake firm, and that includes a bigger showroom; one that works as a show-space for his seasonal collections - smart! We've been perceiving Santana's evolution for a while, and without having commented about expansions or new buyers on his list, it is evident that those keep coming to the firm searching for Santana's minimal and feminine modus-operandi. Broadly, he must be doing things right. 
As far the trend of being-inspired-by-artists goes, Santana is on the right path. Spring 2015 seems to find the designer in a more broader approach. Perhaps, he's been thinking on his loyal clientele and the new ones he can persuade with his work. Thinking ahead is a formula that always works, and in this case, the youthful vibe discerned through the collection, is a move towards a new direction. As oppose to dash or impress his audience with a "nouveau-aesthetic" that other designers have come up with, he prefers to rather stay with the timeless. And when it comes to details and color, Santana is a minimalist at heart. But for this collection, however, we saw the designer stretching his reach into a new territory with graphics. (A few seasons ago he dished a bouquet-of-roses printed on silk-crepe textile, but that was a subtle, vague approach since it was showcased through a softer palette.) On the strength extend, the abstractionism and cubist surrealism from artist Mark Rothko, had Santana thinking about both designing methods: tailoring and illustrative. 
Rothko's work normally dives into the vast, strong form of color, but here, the sorbet color-palette alongside a delightful grass-green hue, conveyed lightness and modesty. Subsequently, there were the dresses. Which pretty much maintain the same hourglass fit that has been pushed on past seasons. The alluring details came in the way Santana fragmented the rectangular shapes of the paintings, and recreated them in different forms of woven textiles, stripes and color-blocks. A deep V-neck merino, in periwinkle hue, presented a great frame of green blocks contouring its lower front and the mid-sleeves. That same look embraces a day-to-night dress code, while capturing the easy facet of the collection.
There's no doubt this will open more doors to Rolando Santana. He's stepping on firm ground with desirable, wearable, uncomplicated clothes that women from every age would want on their closets. And on a current, comparative anecdote: Sotheby's auction house just announced their West Coast upcoming sales in San Diego and Seattle, and will include few art-canvases from Rothko. Just how "the new generation of collectors'' will be fighting over owning one of those Rothko art-pieces, some girls will be waiting on list to get Santana's dresses - and better yet, with a complete different price-tag. This guy is onto something - stay tuned.
By Jhon Jairo Santos
Fashion Director