“Really?!  Again! I’m going to be late.” The wet haired girl throws her watch down and grabs her crisp white collared button up, and runs home. Thankfully home is only a few feet away from the beach, unfortunately her final destination is a little farther. She busts her front door open, scurries to her room and looks around. She has no time to glam herself up; she grabs a white cotton skirt, white addidas, and a pair of socks. She throws the skirt over her bikini bottom and manages to slide one arm into her collared button up before she steps outside… And it all begins.

She walks the runway exposing her left shoulder and part of her cabana stripped bikini top, her pristine pleated skirt hangs just a little below the waist revealing part of her bikini bottom in the same print, the tube socks and white addidas add a sporty spin on the effortless chic outfit, setting the tone for the rest of the Jacquemus Spring/Summer 2015 collection. The inspiration for this season is pretty obvious, with the space turned into a beach scene, full of parasols, deck chairs, and pool floats. I must note though, the props are all turned over, flipped upside down, and scattered as if the person setting up the runway was in a rush and just threw everything around. However, as scattered and disorganized as it looks, it is artistic, as if Jacquemus is telling us, even if you are in a hurry, throwing something on or in this case around, if done well, can look beautiful and effortless.  

His collection this season is composed of menswear stripes turned into menswear inspired button downs, oversized blazer and jacket hybrid, and sleeveless tops. Pristine whites are turned into skirts, slouchy jeans, trousers, smock dresses and shirt-apron hybrids. The stripped 3D knit in sunshine yellow rose petal pink and Mediterranean ocean blue grace the models as extended bandeaus, jigsaw dresses, trapeze dresses, and sculptural bustier and skirt ensembles. The looks as a whole look so effortless and minimalistic without taking away from the beauty of the feminine silhouette. His architectural second half seems to be an artistic take on how a beach towel looks when wrapped around your waist or chest after getting out of the water. All in all, this structured artistic and effortless collection is the envy of women. I mean really! Who wouldn’t want to wake up and throw on an oversized menswear shirt with some tennis shoes and look as put together as the Jacquemus models do.  

By Christopher Garces.

Photos courtesy