For a minute I thought I was watching a racing competition and not the Carven Spring/Summer 2015 collection. The runway resembled a two-way road, with the road painted in bumble bee yellow, split by a jet black stripe. The models zoomed down the intense road with their hair done to mimic the same automotive-inspired lines that appeared throughout much of the collection. The hair, starting from the forehead was pulled backwards into a taught stripe; the sides smoothed out to define the parts on either side.  The juxtaposition of the sleek stripe and free-flowing hair gave the polite Paris Carven girl an edge to go along with the sporty, refreshing, and cute collection. 

Inspired by Formula 1 team uniforms, the 1960’s, the bright stripe on a zooming racecar, and even Japan, they were all very visible throughout the silhouette, print, and design of the garment. For example, the dresses were 60’s mod, done in snake print, classic black, and Edo-style illustration print.  Primary colors: red, yellow, blue reminiscent of the colors seen painted on racecars added a bright and adventurous flair to the Carven girl image, pulling the heritage brand into the now. 

Square sports bags done in the same color palette as the collection were squashed under one arm as if they were race care helmets, once again reminding us of the inspiration behind these radiant designs.  Simple silhouettes: tailored coats, trousers, shorts, and skirts adorned the models luminescent bodies, but it was the layering and color blocking of print on print, or primary color on print, or color on color that kept the spectators wanting more even after the momentum-filled finale: the models sped out together like a group of racecars that saw the finish line, all competing to finish first.

By Christopher Garces.

Photos courtesy